Tukko is your all time fun dog label; specially in unique and addictive accessories for all furry friends - so they can live their best life!

Here at Tukko we go above and beyond to design unique accessories that are durable in nature. We carefully research and develop products that we know will stand the test of time, all while keeping your furry friend safe (and looking cute af). Each piece is expertly handcrafted to ensure maximum durability, comfort and gorgeous design. Designed for practicality, not just aesthetics.

My name is Lua; I'm the momma of Kelly and the owner of Tukko. I never had a pet as a child and when we adopted Kelly my brother and I melted instantly. 

We Established in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Our mission is to offer you fun, colorful, and high quality accessories that we hope put a smile on your face when you and your dog wear them.